Casino Staff Risk Health at Work

According to a study by the GMB Union, casino workers risk their health due to the long hours of work and poor working conditions which they face.

The GMB Union timely made the study as the Glasgow prepares its bid to build the first ever super casino at UK.

But the report showed that the working conditions of croupiers at city casinos have directly led to them suffering from back and neck problems, while others suffer from tingling or numbness in their hands.

Others employees complained of excessive fatigue and sleep disorder due to the long hours of working.

Richard Leonard, GMB organizer for casino workers, said that the view from outside the casinos might seem glamorous but it is completely different from what employees experience on the inside.

Leonard encourages the casinos to work with the government and observe proper working conditions to avoid injuryies to their staffs.

The GMB is requesting that the casino operators allow its casino staff longer, regular rest hours.

Presently, one thousand employees are working at casinos in Scotland with half of them in Glasgow.

A British Casino Association spokesperson said that they will be looking deeper into the results of the study as the security and the overall fitness of the workers is their prime concern.

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