Reasons for Gambling

Gambling addiction has thrown a big blow to the image of gambling industry. If we want to improve the reputation of the gambling world, then we must do something about this gambling addiction. But to repair something, we should first learn how it all started.

Gambling players start gambling innocently, and as time goes by, if not handled correctly, their hobby becomes an addiction. To help these problem gamblers get rid of their addiction to gambling, it is imperative that we know why they gamble in the first place.

Some gambling players got interested in gambling because of the idea of control. Some of them have lost control over their lives, they were divorced, unemployed or kicked out from school. They are what you call life's losers. In gambling, they see an opportunity, another chance to gain control of their life. The decisions to be made by a gambling player at the poker table are much simpler, easier than the ones he should make in real life. Gambling therefore gives them new goal, a new direction in life.

We all know that there are some things in life that you just cannot control, like death of loved ones. In gambling games such as poker, the uncontrollable factors are minimal, so you are pretty much the boss here. In case something gets out of control in the gambling game you are playing, they would not be in the same gravity as life's surprises like deaths.

Other gambling players, on the other hand play for pleasure. For them, gambling is a moral-booster. This is because, maybe in real life, their skills are not that acknowledged, or may be they haven't done any achievements before. Gambling offers another chance for you to be actually good in something. It gives you confidence that finally, you have found your place on earth. Aside from that, gambling is very rewarding in terms of money. The money they win from gambling, they use for other pleasures like drinking.

In gambling, they can create a new image for themselves, they can become achievers. They get a new kind of competitive urge that they get rarely in life.

In conclusion, knowing what motivates a gambling player can really be helpful in solving gambling addiction. Now, we know that we must present venues for these people to express themselves, other than gambling. This way, they would not be too dependent on gambling for their self-fulfillment.

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