The online casinos draw more amateurs than the land based casinos. Why this is so is due to a number of factors. For example, the online casinos let you play their Selected Online Casinos games for free, and this is something that the land based casinos do not. The land based casinos cannot allot a whole table to a game that will not produce revenue, since they have to pay their dealers, the workers of the casinos and all the rest. However, in the virtual space of the online casinos, you can play the free games for as long as you like. Then when the time comes and you feel ready, then you can go on to play the games in the online casinos for real money. Only after you have honed your skills to such a degree that you feel confident in yourself, do you spend any money.

Another difference between the players in the land based casinos and the online casinos is that in the online casinos the people are more laid back, and do want to have to go through all the trouble of having to go out of the house in order to gamble. In many land based casinos there is a dress code, and rules of etiquette apply. However, when you play in the online casinos, then you can dress in whatever fashion you please, eat whatever and whenever you wish and all in all, enjoy yourself in whatever way you want. People who go to land based casinos regularly are people who dress the part, act it and live it.

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